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This site is dedicated to providing resources for our Avian friends and those who are owned by them. Birdlife is a pet bird site and focuses on pet bird issues. We will be offering information on backyard birds and bird watching on sites currently under development. If you are new to being a bird owner this is a great place to find info and links to sites that will help you bond with your new pet. If you are thinking about buying a pet bird we have listing for breeders across the US and Canada. Information is available on different common pet birds from finches and parakeets to large parrots like Macaws and Cockatoos and everything in between!

Whimsical Oaxacan Woodcarvings - Birds


The Toucan

These brightly colored birds are authentic hand carved wooden figures. A Traditional Mexican Folk Art from Oaxaca Mexico. Each piece is unique in shape and color. They are hand painted to meticulous detail.


The Peacock

The tiny lines in the feathers (at left) and tiny spots seen on other animals and sea life are done with spines from cacti. Oaxacan wood carvings are extremely desireable worldwide. Some pieces are massive, but the wood is very light weight.

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Warning to pet bird owners!

A few products have been reported to us as potentially fatal to your feathered friends. We would like to post them here as an awareness service for our visitors. We hope that others will send us email with specifics of any new or old products that have caused harm to their pets so we can prevent it from happening to others.

  • A new couch treated with chemical fabric protection. Within 24 hours of delivery the bird died of extensive physiological changes consistant with toxic exposure (according to necropsy results)
  • cooking bags (aluminum/plastic combination)reportedly give off a metallic smell, create respiratory difficulties, and cause burning of the eyes. No bird died in this report. This is only a warning. Use with caution even at low temperatures or better yet avoid the product completely. Ill effects were reported in less than one hour.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is working to expose more information on the toxic properties of common household items, specifically non stick cooking items and stain protected fabric. To view their current articles in a new window clickhere. We will continue to bring you udated information and any new stories submitted by our visitors. Due to the sensitive nature of this information we are prohibited from using the specific companies brands and trademark names.



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